Mathew Sawyer, 2017
Venn Diagram for the World
13 x 9.5 cm.
Open edition

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When he was still a student, Matthew Higgs compared Sawyer to both Martin Creed and Bas Jan Ader, in the pages of Art Forum. Skye Sherwin in the Guardian more recently wrote "[in Sawyer's Venn Diagram] there's the world we want and the world we live in, but there is no real world. By this, Sawyer is implying, of course, that we're solipsistic folk, stuck in the world in our head. He tests the boundaries, exploring what is arguably the crux of all art: the yearning to communicate and make sense of life, and the challenges of doing so."

Sawyer's work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, discreet interventions, and music (writing, recording and performing under the name The Ghosts, and briefly as the drummer for the Television Personalities). Sawyer is based in London, England. Visit his website here for more information.