Kelly Mark, 2013
Frankfurter 5
30.5" x 31"
inkjet on archival paper
signed & numbered edition of 20

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Frankfurter 5 is the first available print edition of the artist’s ongoing series of works made entirely with dry transfer rub-on letters and symbols.  The Letraset drawings began in 2001 and have remained at the centre of Mark’s practice, evolving from intimate sized compositions to sprawling works, with one (recently purchased by the National Gallery of Canada), being over thirty-three feet long.

The results are complex renderings of text as image which evoke Concrete poetry, Constructivism, Dada, Futurism, imaginary landscapes and machinery.

Like her graphite covered objects, Mark refers to these compositions as drawings. Formally compelling they are also linked conceptually to her ongoing interest in labour as subject matter. Mark recently described her days as follows:

"Wake up, feed cats, make coffee, play online poker for an hour or so, make 2nd cup of coffee, punch in, draw for 3 or 4 hours, make lunch & more coffee, back to drawing for another 5 hours, punch out, check emails, feed cats again, make dinner, watch tv or play XBox for a couple of hours. Punch back in and either draw some more or do other shit. Punch out and go to bed. Next day repeat as same…"